What I actually did for GDPR (if you’re stuck?)


It’s not scary, just tedious!!   (The law is untested and I am not a lawyer)

Here is what I did personally with useful direct links, as part of my valuable, no nonsense solutions.



My Personal Guide for GDPR


The Legal Bit: Registering

Completed the ICO questionnaire to discover Coaches, Consultants and Complementary Therapists need to register, whereas tradespeople don’t.

The cost is £35 and it is simple and easy.

For many people, asking their customers to sign saying they have had the opportunity to read it or putting it on their website will be enough – yes really.



I finally bought that lockable box for my client paper files.



Email Newsletters

You only need to ask people to sign up again, if you added them to your mailing list without permission, although it is always a good time for a de-clutter.

You must offer an easy way to unsubscribe on every email and allow them to be forgotten.

Mailerlite is free and has useful info on this




Privacy Policies

No one wants to write their own privacy policy, here is the one I have used. Enter your information and tick the boxes you need.  Don’t forget the English box or it will be in German!





I have added tick boxes or links to my privacy policy; to my shop, contact us form and opt in form.  My web designer Neta Talmour from No Hassle Website has done a brilliant job of explaining how to do it all.




Anything Else

You must report any breaches of data security to the ICO or the fines are 4% of you turnover!!


If you have read this far, well done.


My Dad gave me a fantastic piece of advice that I am going to pass on.  When there are new regulations, wait for the large companies to do their thing and learn from them.


If you want to talk this or any other business matter through.  Give me a call 07956 218744 or book a £25 session (half an hour) via my website www.iexplainmoney.co.uk/buy-now

For simple solutions that work.


All the best, Jenny

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