Two Completely Different Ideas on Pricing to Make Your Business More Profitable.


1. The Maths Option (not the most popular!)

Using the profit figure from your tax return (you did last month).

Divide it by 12.  It gives you your monthly wages.

It can be quite sobering! Don’t panic – there is lots you can do to play with the numbers and make it massively more profitable.  Increasing your prices is only one option.

Either make your business more profitable yourself, or book a one to one session with me.


2. Observation Exercise


How do your customers’ feel about paying you?

Do they sigh and count out the pennies?

Or do they merrily hand their credit card over, whilst chatting about something else?

This is the really subtle way to find out if your customers are receptive to a price increase.

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Jenny Bracelin from I Explain Money

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