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Jenny’s Mission: To get people excited about making more money, joyfully and ethically.



Upcoming Events:

Previous Events:

Money Retreat (One day to let go of money fears and experience freedom, 11th March 2020)

“Money” (One hour talk to students of Ludlow College, Mar 2020) 

Free Webinar (Understanding Your Relationship with Money, 22nd January 2020)


Money Retreat (One day to reflect, grow yourself, your money and your business, 12th September 2019)

Green Fair (Answering questions and motivating people to take action in Ludlow, 14th July 2019)

“Money” (One hour talk to students of  Ludlow College, Mar 19) Re-Booked for next year.

Essential Sales Skills for Coaches (One hour workshop booked by Shropshire Coaches Group on March 20th 2019)

“I explain money by Jenny Bracelin was the most popular speaker from our Empowering Women Day.”

Janet Bridgwater from Inspiring Women.


Contact Jenny for a positive talk or workshop on money.



Jenny Bracelin

  • Be positive and get excited about money.
  • Transformative coach,  straight talking business mentor and award winning business woman.
  • Based in Ludlow, Shropshire, UK
  • Talks, Workshops and Conferences.

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Ideal For

Independent Business Owners

I enjoy speaking to a diverse range of people: Entrepreneurs, Women in Business,  Health & Well-Being, Green Businesses and Creative Artists.

Whilst I mainly focus on entrepreneurs, Money Coaching topics work for everyone.



Get excited about money!

Understand your relationship with money.  Where it came from and what you can do to improve it right now.

Practical subjects include:

Business Finances Checklist, which is more fun than it sounds!  Get Paid, Simple Book-keeping, 7 Stages of Selling, Cashflow Forecasts & Planning for Success. 

Be inspired, learn about yourself and make more money in your business. 



Past clients include:

Independent Entrepreneurs
Shropshire Coaches Group
Ludlow College
Inspiring Women
Women in Rural Enterprise
The Prince’s Trust.




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