Money Transformation

A transformative conversation to change how you think, feel and act with money.
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  • Make more money
  • Feel confident and tackle financial paperwork and conversations.
  • Ask for payment, negotiate pay increases, stop playing small and see the opportunities around you.
  • Benefit from general money advice and tips.

You can enjoy or at least be confident managing your money. laughing




Money Transformation is a 3 stage process. 

  1.  Answer 5 questions to prepare for our call.
  2. A zoom call, which is usually 2 hours , afterwards you will receive a summary report. 
  3. A follow up call of 30 minutes.

Bonus: I send 4 emails over the next year to keep you on track.

The main session is by Zoom.  I need your undivided attention – body, mind and emotions for 2 hours.

During our zoom call: 

  1. I ask you 5 short questions
  2. Then we create a new positive belief together
  3. It is surprisingly simple and easy because I do it with you
  1. Please give yourself time afterwards to reflect or get into action. 

Money Advice
I am happy to answer general money and business related questions at the end of the session. (Not a financial adviser and I won’t sell to you.)

Most clients say this session is the turning point for them and their money.


I created this breakthrough session to help my friends and clients leap forward with their money – instead of years and years of personal development!

Money Transformation gives you a new financial foundation to provide:

  • Relief
  • Insight and motivation
  • Usually more money. 

Never look at money the same way again!

Money Coaching is £350 for the complete package.

This has worked for numerous clients, if it doesn’t work for you?

I will give you your money back, as I am experienced and ethical.  

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"This lady is a magical genius!"

Jenny is quite frankly phenomenal.

After one session, she got right to the core of the issue/s. I really had no idea I had such ingrained, destructive views of money(!) and although it was intense, the shift was almost instant and profound.

Jenny has empowered me to become friends with money, to respect and actually feel excited by it (truly a turn around!)

It’s enabled me to reduce debt, look at excel spreadsheets without coming out in a cold sweat and enjoy forecasting. I’ve trimmed costs and increased sales by 20%. After one session.

This lady is a magical genius! 

Claire Davis

Corporate Health & Fitness / Midlife Transformation Coach

"Phenomenal...Life Changing"

Jenny’s one session money coaching is phenomenal.

She listens and quickly gets to the crux of your core money beliefs, this opens up a discussion that is life changing.

Things then click into place and the self-imposed barriers become obvious and together you create an action plan to eliminate them.

Jenny gave me an insight and clarity that has left me feeling positive and empowered about the future.

Hannah P 

Trainer, Coach, Marketeer

"amazed at how easy it was to shift a lifelong negative belief"

As soon as I finished my session with the Money Coach, I felt less anxious, less worried, and more positive and hopeful about my future.

I was able to immediately put what I learned into action, and was amazed at how easy it was to shift a lifelong negative belief and install a new, more supportive belief about money (and about life!).

For the first time in years, I’m looking forward to my future.

— Wendy Knerr, Writer

Ideal For

People who want a quick and easy solution, because I do it with you.

Business owners craving growth.

Professionals who undersell themselves.

People who are stuck or having the same situations repeat themselves with money.

Answers these questions:

  1. Why do I have a issue with money?
  2. Where did that come from?
  3. What can I do about it?

Without lots of effort!!

Half my clients are men – they are more shy about giving me a photo testimonial! 



Get insights into why, leaving you free to make new and different choices.

Start afresh with firm foundations.


Getting better with money, like any skill, improves with practice.

I recommend you give yourself some time afterwards.  To reflect or get into action.

Whilst your relationship with money is a lifelong journey.  90% of people find this session kick starts them.

A quick and easy intervention with money.


How long is the session? 2 hours plus a 30 min follow up call and 4 motivational emails over the next year.

Is their homework?
10 minutes a day for 2 weeks.  

Is it OK to be in a busy office or at home with children?  Unfortunately not.  I need your undivided attention – body, mind, emotions and spirit for 2 hours.

Do you work out of hours?
Yes. I offer appointments during the day, evenings and weekends.

Can I do it again if it doesn’t work?  No, this is a one time only session.

I live in the USA, will it work for me?  Yes! This works everywhere.

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