Business Mentoring

Would you like some help and accountability with your business?

Or do you need urgent problem solving?

Running a business and making money are skills you can learn!

I started paid Business Mentoring in 2001 with The Prince’s Trust, after selling my first business.  Since then I have helped over 1000 people create and run a huge variety of successful businesses. 

Give me your worries and problems. 

I have been explaining business for 20 years and I’m known for my heartfelt, hands-on practical expertise – enabling you to grow your business, your money, and yourself.

Jenny Bracelin

“Jenny inspires me with ideas and practical plans to elevate my business and make more money.  Her sessions always motivate me and has built my confidence dramatically.  I feel in safe hands, drawing from her 20+ years of business expertise.”

Chloe Morris, Pink Flamingo Marketing

Who is mentoring for?


For example: Coaches, Consultants and Complementary Therapists etc.

Independent Business Owners

For example: Garden Designers, Artists, Photographers and Musicians etc.

Future Business Owners

For example: Digital Nomads, Yoga Teachers, and Parents etc.  who are ready to turn that dream into a reality.

Main Benefits of Mentoring

✔   Spot opportunities and developments in your business to make more money.

✔   Understand business techniques, utilising tried and tested shortcuts.

✔   Build your confidence.  Learn how to build a business and manage your finances.

✔   Support, motivation and expertise to keep you on track.

What Can We Cover?

Business Planning


Your Business Personality


Customer Retention

Starting Your Business

Financial Planning

Science of Selling

Business Legalities


"The best investment I ever made in my business"

Brenda, Yoga Teacher

“Jenny has taught me how to make money. My profit margin increased from 18% to 80%. I now understand what a profit margin is!”

Jill Newman, Massage Therapist

I liked the Plan for Success spreadsheet, it made things really simple for me. Instead of focusing on what I couldn't do, Jenny reminded me of easy creative services I had been meaning to promote for a while.

Adele Chretien, Passionate Content Creator & Social Media Helper

Imagine Where You Could Be In A Year’s Time, If We Get Started Today?

I’ve honed down my session to 5 questions, which will show you what’s working, and which key action which will make the most difference.

This gives you plenty of time to ask questions or for us to spot opportunites.

How It Works?

Lawn labyrinth


  1. Book and pay for your session via this link.
  2. Receive your Zoom link by email.
  3. During the session, I guide you how to make more money and answer your questions.
  4. Afterwards I send a short summary report.
  5. You take any agreed actions.
  6. Book the next session when you are ready.

There is no binding contract with my Business Mentoring. 

Clients come back because it works for them.


Start Today?

A Single Session

You will be amazed at what we can resolve together, in this simple, heartfelt session.  

What would you like to cover?

Please book via the button below, £150 for 90 mins, including a short report:

A Year's Support

Transform your business, with all my best tools. It’s time to really thrive!

A Year’s Support includes:

🌳 90 mins of 121 strategy, support & practical help every month

🌳 A Monthly Financial Check In to help you do this

😍 And Money Coaching to give you money confidence. (worth £350)

😍 Coaching, mentoring and practical hands-on help, with all aspects of your business.

12 sessions @£150 a month, payable monthly.

🌳 How will your business look in a year?🌳

Book your first session today. How will your business look in a year?  



Want to discuss what’s best for you?

Jenny Bracelin leaning on a castle wall

Client Stories

Confident post

Happy and weathly in 2 hours

D booked a business mentoring session to fast track starting his cafe –  he thought he needed a £20,000 loan and a 20 page business plan.

It turns out, he didn’t want to start a cafe but to GO to one where he could order his coffee in sign-language.

D had hearing loss and missed a lot of school, so not keen on paperwork.  I answered his many questions and he slumped further down in his chair, looking more and more miserable.

With his permission, I asked transformation coaching questions and we did some idea creation work.

His hobby was fixing bugs in computer games and he got paid for it occasionally but now he wanted a ‘proper’ career.  

After some discussion, his face beamed with happiness, as he realised “I can do that as a business, what about the Tax Office?” I helped him with that and sketched out a one page business plan. 

In 2 hours, he became a healthy, wealthy and happy person – his new business predicted a profit of £40,000 in the first year!

Adele with money

Play with your finances and double your income

“Rebecca” brought her husband’s business finances for me to look at. 

It was a mess.  Rebecca was struggling to understand and manage the business.

I gave her some practical tips to help her. 

More interesting was the cashflow forecast I created, which is part of financial planning.  By putting the figures in this format, she could see where to focus and double his income.

“What about you? ” I asked.  Thirty minutes later, I had persuaded her to ask for a significant pay rise, with the evidence to back up her request.

I love playing with money and spotting opportunities.


Frequency Asked Questions:

I haven't started my business yet, is business mentoring for me?

Yes, definitely.  Seeing a business mentor before you start your business will save you time, money and help you think things through.

Can I try one session?

I encourage starting with one session.  One session will make a difference to your business and how you feel about it.

How many sessions?

Most clients book 1-3 sessions to start.  Then monthly for on-going support when they are ready to double their income.   Please book a free 15 mins conversation if you would like to know how many sessions in advance.

How much is a session?

Each session is £150 for 90 mins including a short summary report.

Are you qualified?

Yes and insured.  I was originally employed by The Prince’s Trust in 2001 after becoming one of their award winning businesses.  Then worked as a freelance business mentor for Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, Pertemps and even the Job Centre.

Go to About Jenny or LinkedIn for the highlights.

What if you can't help me?

That has never happened!  I am ethical and experienced, so I would give you your money back.

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