Business Mentoring

This is for you if you want to:

  • Earn your living?
  • Feel more confident?
  • Run your business properly?
  • Feel proud of your finances?
  • Buy your dream home?

Business Mentoring can help you with all of these and any other dreams you have.


Running a business and making money are skills you can learn!

I started Business Mentoring in 2001 with The Prince’s Trust and have helped over 1000 people create and run successful businesses from nothing. 

I provide heartfelt hands-on expertise, to grow your business, your money and yourself.



Business Mentoring is a 90 min conversation on Zoom and includes a summary report.

  • My 5 questions will show you what’s working, and the key action which will make the most difference.
  • I can help with all aspects of running a business: from choosing your business, business planning and boosting your confidence. Through to solving your concerns with the actual business, customers, selling, pricing, finance and legalities.
  • Start with one consultation.  Build on it as and when you need.

Working on your business one to one, with an experienced mentor provides so many benefits.

In summary, you will:

  1. Make more money.
  2. Gain self belief in your ability.
  3. Focus on actions which make the most difference.

Business Mentoring is £150 payable in advance for a 90 min session.  Including preparation, research, a summary report and any resources included.

I do offer a £75 Business Taster to try out working with me and to positively progress your business.

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“Jenny taught me how to make money.” Jill Newman, Massage Therapist


Financial Check In

Check In on your Business Finances to learn, improve and enjoy money!

Gain money confidence and make more money with your:

  • Book-keeping, Pricing, Financial Planning & Tax Paperwork

Book one session or monthly to save and make more money.


Talk through your business finances and learn at your own pace.  Every conversation brings relief, understanding and more money.

Sometimes it can feel like accountants speak another language!  My background was a ballet dancer – I learned business finances in the 90’s, and have loved explaining them ever since.


Financial Check In is a one hour conversation on Zoom with a summary report.

  • You choose what we focus on
  • The opportunity to talk through your finances (if you feel comfortable)
  • I see finances like musicians read music and opportunities to make money stand out to me.

Start with one session and then when you are ready, book a monthly financial check in to revolutionise your finances and your relationship to them.  They can be exciting!


The benefits of addressing areas you avoid in business are massive!

  • Make more money – often 1000’s
  • Knowledge and confidence
  • Create your business to make money easily and simply – essentially, clients let go of the struggle.

Financial Check In is £99 for one hour’s session.

Book 12 for the price of 10 and save £198.

As a bonus I include my beautiful Plan for Success spreadsheet to see everything important in your business at a glance.

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“I can already see where I can make more money” Adele Chretien, Content Creator

Money Coaching

A powerful, once only, fundamental transformation – to reset your core money beliefs.

  • The opportunity to create a new positive money belief
  • In an easy, safe, simple way
  • With an experienced money coach

Surprisingly quick, easy and effective. 


You know if your relationship to money holds you back.  This is a simple solution to move you to the next level.

I created this breakthrough session to help my friends and clients leap forward with their money – instead of years and years of personal development!


Money Coaching is a 3 stage process. 

  1. Answer 5 questions to prepare for our call.
  2. A zoom call, which is usually 2 hours and you will receive a summary report. 
  3. A follow up call of 30 minutes.
  4. Bonus: I send 4 emails over the next year to keep you on track.

The main session is by Zoom.  I need your undivided attention – body, mind and emotions for 2 hours.

Please give yourself time afterwards to reflect or get into action. 


Money Coaching provides a new financial foundation to provide:

  • Relief
  • Insight
  • And usually more money. 

You will feel more motivated, understand yourself better and you will never look at money the same way again.


Money Coaching is £350 for the complete package.

This has worked for numerous clients, if it doesn’t work for you, I will give you your money back, as I am experienced and ethical.

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“I love the powerful simplicity of your method.” Will Medd, Coach

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