Plan for Success

Business finances can be simple and I love explaining them. 
I do answer people’s specific questions, offer monthly business mentoring and I boost their entire business with my Plan for Success.

Yes, I help you

  • Make more money (or I’ll refund your fee).
  • Get paid promptly.
  • Understand business finance jargon.
  • Learn simple book-keeping.
  • To use financial tools e.g. a cashflow forecast.
  • Business Mentoring on all aspects of business.
  • Review your business from a fresh perspective.

Making sure clients get paid is one of my passions!! Please see my video under Freebies. Or book an hour with me.


“I have put up my prices and even gain my money up front! Huge progress!!” Marketing Consultant

Plan for Success


Plan for Success is based on my experience of working with 1000’s of business clients.  Being an entrepreneur myself and a business adviser by training – not an accountant, it’s practical, fun and in colour!!

I have created one spreadsheet which works for both PC and Apple.  It enables you to review and plan your year, including all the important elements, to make money and keep you on top of and in control of your business.  Laying it out in this format highlights potential income!! 


  • How your business is doing financially – at a glance! 
  • Your goals and mission.
  • Key marketing plans for the year.
  • How many clients or products purchased.
  • Your money in, money out and the difference.
  • Any money you owe or owed to you.
  • How much money you have taken out of the business.
  • Monthly and Yearly financial totals, including how much tax you are likely to pay.
  • Your bank balances.
  • All on one coloured spreadsheet.

If it sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry.  I usually create the initial spreadsheet for you.  It only takes 20 minutes each month to update.    

This process brings the key business information into focus and prevents lots of worrying. About half my clients are excited and happy to complete them without any further help.  Often we come up with innovate ways together to make massively more money.  Occasionally clients ask for monthly mentoring sessions to support them meet those goals.

It works for start ups and more experienced businesses.

Yes, you will make more money or I will happily refund your fee!! Most clients double their sales.  Cost £300. 

Call or message me to discuss whether a Plan for Success is right for you.


Case Study

Business Finances


“Either I make my business work properly this year or I give up” said a potential client who had been working part-time for years.

Unusually, she emailed me her figures without prompting.  I re-created them in my Plan for Success spreadsheet.  After playing around with them for a while, I thought she could increase her profit margin from 18% to 80% within a year and massively grow her businesss.

I explained my suggestions to increase her business from £500 to £3,000 a month.  She gulped, saying “you will have to help me do it”.  I agreed to give her monthly coaching and mentoring on one condition – no more spending on courses.

With support and motivation, she was earning over a £1,000 within 3 months, at a profit margin of 75%.

Within 6 months her income had trebled.  

A year later:  Her earnings are £2,800 a month, with a profit margin of 78% and still growing – on her own.  I am delighted she understands business and money now, confidently talking about her business and its future.

Ideal For

Independent Business Owners


Freelancers & Contractors


Start ups



Understanding, confidence and lots of ‘ah ha’ moments.

Actual ‘hands on’ help. Send me your figures and I will create the plan for you.

A fresh perspective on business finances which is totally confidential.

I mix and match coaching, mentoring, business advice and personal development.

Includes a one page summary report. Analysing your situation, what we discussed and your action plan.

Designed specifically for you to enjoy and make money in your business.



Email or call me to book an appointment.

Appointments are by phone, video chat or occasionally in person.

You can book from 30 minutes to full day business review.  Plan for Success is 2 hours session with some pre/post work.

After the session, I send you your Plan for Success and a short report and action plan.

Are you qualified? Yes and insured.  I started business advising with the Prince’s Trust in 2001. See LinkedIn for the highlights.

I will refund your money if I can’t help.

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