Grow Your Business

Business finances can be simple and I love explaining them to help you make more money.

Yes, I help you

  • Make more money (or I’ll refund your fee).
  • Get paid promptly.
  • Understand business finance jargon.
  • Learn simple book-keeping.
  • To use financial tools e.g. a cashflow forecast.
  • Monthly mentoring.
  • Review your business from a fresh perspective.
“I have put up my prices and even gain my money up front! Huge progress!!” Marketing Consultant

Case Study

business finances, self-employement

A client asked, if I would help their “monosyllabic teenage son” become self employed, for a summer job.  I explained how to register for self-employment, showed him my easy book-keeping video. Answered his brief questions about business and business finances.

Thirty minutes later, we were done.


Ideal For

Small Business Owners






Actual ‘hands on’ help.

A fresh perspective on business finances.

Totally confidential.

I mix and match coaching, mentoring, business advice and personal development, on all areas of business.

Designed specifically for you.

Includes a one page summary report. Analysing your situation, what we discussed and your action plan.

Enjoy running your business.



Email or call me to book an appointment.

Appointments are by phone, video chat or occasionally in person.

You can book from 30 minutes to full day business review.  The most popular is 90 minutes.

After the session, I send you your short report and action plan.

Are you qualified? Yes and insured.  I started business advising with the Prince’s Trust in 2001. See LinkedIn for the highlights.

I will refund your money if I can’t help.

Case Study


Business Finances

“Either I make my business work properly this year or I give up” said a potential client who had been working part-time for years.

Unusually, she emailed me her figures.  I re-created them in my cashflow spreadsheet.  After playing around with them for a while, I thought she could increase her profit margin from 18% to 80% within a year.

I explained my suggestions and she gulped, saying “you will have to help me do it”.  We meet every month for a video call.  To be honest, I push her gently outside of her comfortable zone, on all areas of business. 

With support and motivation, she was earning a full time income, within 3 months at a profit margin of 75%.

Within 6 months her income had trebled.

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