Business Support £45

Increase your profit after talking to me or your money back. I answer 90% of your questions in one session. £45.

Yes, I help you

  • With money and business solutions.
  • Finding customers who will pay you.
  • Creating systems to support you.
  • Boosting your confidence and overcoming fear.
  • Actually working with you, to make your dream a reality.

“I have put up my prices, stopped working for free and even gain my money up front! Huge progress!!!”
Marketing Consultant

Ideal For

Self-employed, sole traders or not sure?

Full time, part time or just have an idea.

Enjoy what you do but are not sure about the business side of things?

Earning less than £15,000 per year.

Earning over £15K or more complicated?  Contact Jenny




Help, reassurance and expertise.

Totally confidential.

I explain everything, simply and clearly.

I sort out 90% of business questions/problems in an hour!

Don’t know what you need?

I mix and match coaching, mentoring, advice and personal development, on all areas of business.

Designed for you, your business and your current situation.

I have 25 year’s experience in business and personal development. (Many of my clients are spiritual)

Includes a one page summary report. Analysing your situation, what we discussed and your action plan.  So you won’t forget anything important.

Enjoy running your business.



You are very cheap? Yes, I am passionate people being successful in business, so keep the price affordable.

Can I ask more than one question? Yes, some clients bring a list!

Can I call/email you for a chat? Sadly no.  Time, experience and my full attention, is my product.

I am a bit weird! Welcome!

What happens when I Buy Now? I call you for a quick chat about you and what you want out of the session.

Then we schedule an appointment. Giving me time to research and be fully prepared for you.

After the session, I send you your short report and action plan.

I will refund your money if I can’t help.

Are you qualified? Yes and insured. With 15 year’s experience sorting out businesses.  I started out with the Prince’s Trust in 2001. See LinkedIn for the highlights.


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