Simple Finances

Whether it is personal finances or business finances? I bring a fresh perspective.

Don’t let maths put you off! I explain money in a simple, positive and motivational way.

Dealing with the “I know I should…” conversations, you don’t want to have with anyone else,
including your family, Financial Adviser and Accountant!


Yes, I help you

  • Overcome any fears you have around money.
  • Understand financial jargon.
  • Find a simple way to manage your money.
  • Get out of debt.
  • Use your figures to be more successful.
  • Fund dreams and projects.
  • Be happy with money.

“Just wanted to say another thank you for all of your support.  I  feel like I can breath a massive sigh of relief having achieved that.” Artist

Personal Finances

People give themselves a hard time with personal finances.  There isn’t a perfect answer, only choice.  I don’t impose budgeting.  Instead, I explain choices, in a broader context, then focus on achieving what people actually want.

Simple Finances or Money Coaching

Business Finances

Money in, less money out, equals your profit.  Business finances can be simple and I love explaining them.  Once you understand the basics, you can play!  Seeing your figures differently, opens up opportunities for you and your business.

Grow Your Business

Ideal For

Business Owners





Totally confidential.

Each conversation is personalised to you and your situation.

Totally focused on sorting out your finances.

I explain everything, clearly and simply, in a motivational way.

Don’t know exactly what you need? I have 25 year’s experience of looking at money differently.

If I can’t help, I will give you your money back.




Can I ask more than one question? Yes, some clients bring a list!

Email or call me to book an appointment.

Appointments are by phone, video chat or occasionally in person.

Usually, a one hour appointment.

Are you qualified? Yes, as a coach and business adviser. I won’t sell you financial products. About Jenny

Clients describe me in this context as a “trusted friend”.

Case Study

business finances, self-employement


A client asked, if I would help their “monosyllabic teenage son” become self employed, for a summer job.  I explained how to register for self-employment and showed him my easy book-keeping video.

Thirty minutes later, we were done.


Case Study

 simple finances


Every January, I offer simple finance workshops.  My favourite is Plan for Success.


“Rebecca” brought her husband’s business finances for me to look at.  It was a mess, he used a variety of cards, cash and cheques!  Rebecca was struggling to understand and manage the business.

I gave her some practical tips (although I am not a professional book-keeper) to help her manage better.  Most interesting was the cashflow forecast.  By putting the figures in that format, she could see where to focus and double his income.

“What about you? ” I asked.  Thirty minutes later, I had persuaded her to ask for a significant pay rise, with the evidence to back up her request.


1 x 2 hour workshop = double your income.  That is the kind of maths my client’s love.


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