Business Support £25

Simple Tax Returns, help with your Book-keeping or Quick Questions £25.

Yes, I help you

  • With money and business.
  • Simple tax returns.
  • Easy book-keeping.
  • Using your figures to be successful.
  • Overcoming your fears of money.
  • Business plans and cashflows

“I’d been dreading this (tax return), Jenny made it so easy.  It was like a guardian angel looking over my shoulder.” Complementary Therapist

Ideal For

Self-employed, sole traders or not sure.

Full time, part time or just have an idea.

Earning less than £15,000.

Earning over £15K, or more complicated?  Contact Jenny




Help, reassurance and expertise to get the job done.

Totally confidential.

I explain everything, simply and clearly.

Not just advice, I actually help you to do it.

Give you the confidence, so you can do it yourself in the future.

Don’t know exactly what you need? I have 20 years experience. If I can’t help, I will give you your money back.

The time is personalised to you, your business and your current situation with no additional paperwork.

Enjoy running your business.



My tax return for £25? Yes by specialising in simple tax returns!

Can I ask more than one question? Yes, some clients bring a list!

What happens when I Buy Now? I call you for a quick chat about you and what you want out of the session.

Then we schedule an appointment, by phone, in person or video chat.

Follow up questions charged at £10 per question. (My time, experience and full attention, is my product.)

Are you qualified? Yes and insured. With 15 year’s experience sorting out businesses. I started with the Prince’s Trust in 2001. See LinkedIn for the highlights.

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