Easy Book-keeping:

15 minute Video Course £20

Learn easy book-keeping with my short, simple easy video course.  How to do your books manually in just 15 minutes!

No software, no jargon, no computer needed. I talk you through it step by step.  Only £20.

“They very simply lay out the basics of bookkeeping without being patronising!”


5 short videos

1. I explain what bookkeeping is. (1 minute 23 seconds)

2. How to deal with the money coming in (3.30)

3. How to deal with the money going out (1.43)

4. Bringing it all together as “books” (2.39)

5. FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (3.42)

More Info

Ideal for

One person businesses, starting up and not sure which system to choose. 

For example: complementary therapists, crafts people, labourers etc 

If your list of customers this month, would fit on one piece of paper, this is the course for you.


No sign up fees or on-going costs.

Understand book-keeping and be in control of your money.

All you need is a pen, piece of paper and a phone or calculator.

There are so many things to learn when you start a business. Business Support

Bookkeeping software doesn’t need to be one of them.



How can you do it in 15 minutes?

I have explained bookkeeping to 100’s of clients for 10 years! About Jenny

Can I do my books in 15 minutes?

Yes.  Probably not the first time but once you are in the swing of it

I live in the US, will this work for me? Because this course is so simple, it should work everywhere.

I have checked the rules in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia (2017)

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