Do you need a business reason to take holidays when you’re self-employed?

  • Firstly, taking time off leads to improved productivity and creativity.
  • Secondly, holidays improve your health – with better sleep, reduced stress, and strengthens your relationships with family, friends, and yourself.
  • Thirdly, you wouldn’t go without holidays in a job – so time to talk to your ‘boss’ and ask her about holidays, maybe your working hours, and perhaps a motivational pep talk wouldn’t go amiss either!

When you go on holiday for the first time with a new business it can be challenging!  Particularly resisting the temptation to check your phone – a lot.  

The trick is to be ON holiday OR at work. 

It takes practice to be able to leave your business and and relax.

Trying to do both will result in very little work accomplished and even less relaxation.  Believe me, I have tried it and it’s stressful!

I have left my businesses in the hands of friends, associates and automations.  There were always benefits in addition to my holiday – for everyone involved.

Trust yourself and have a brilliant time.

7 Tips for Self-employed holidays 


1. Give yourself permission to take time off – the world won’t end, nor will your business.  Many restaurants just close for 2 weeks.

2. Plan – choose a quiet time of year for you and consider how best to manage your business while you are away.   Do you need proper cover or just a couple of weeks without clients?

3. Automate – set up autoresponders with key info or use a professional office service.  Give important people the phone number of your accommodation.  Then you can relax and don’t have to keep checking your phone.

4. Choose enjoyable holidays for you, to distract yourself from thinking about your business.  For example, activity or retreat holidays.

5. Start with 3 day weekends and build up to 2 or even 4 weeks.  It takes practice to leave your business and be able to relax.

6. Tell key clients you are away.  And give yourself a catch up day, so you can ease back into work.

7. Be on holiday whilst you are away and soak up that relaxation and enjoyment.  You can post on social media when you get back.


Have a wonderful time. 

All the best, Jenny


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