Book-keeping: 15 minute Video Course…


Learn simple books in 15 minutes.

My short, simple, easy video course, will take you through it, step by step.  If your list of customers this month, would fit on one piece of paper, this is the course for you.  ideal if you are starting a business and not sure which system to choose.  No software, no jargon, no computer needed and no monthly costs.

For more information and key benefits go to Bookkeeping Page

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  1. Click the link to buy the Book-keeping Course
  2. Paypal will take you directly to the page with the videos.(you will also be sent a link via email)
  3. Watch the videos to understand and create your book-keeping.
  4. Enjoy book-keeping and knowing your numbers.
  5. Do you books, daily, weekly or monthly.


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