“I want £80K a year and 2 months off” demanded my client, when I pressed her for a passionate goal.

She continued “I work a lot but I don’t seem to have any money”.

We achieved the £80K in 9 months. 

Working too hard and not earning enough money is one of the main reasons clients come to work with me.



So how did she do it?

We identified an emotional goal, to motivate her in the difficult moments. (In her case, it was having the money and time off to go skiing with friends)



Then the usual:

  • Financial planning
  • Customer journey
  • Systems & Automation
  • Keeping going when you’re bored & fed up.
  • Finding a way through or around your own personal nemesis 😉


It was worth it.  £80,000 in 9 months!  

Now I need to persuade her to actually take the 2 months off!


Hello, I’m Jenny Bracelin, Business Mentor & Money Coach. Helping self-employed people make more money. See iexplainmoney.co.uk for more info 😍