Dear Money

Write a letter to money like it is a dear friend.

We have a relationship with money and like journaling, this is a wonderful way to make friends with our money.

Download my template with my 5 insightful questions for inspiration.

How to Get Paid in Advance

Learn how to ask for money. 

Watch the video for a quick and simple method that sounds too easy! Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

All the best, Jenny

Do Your Tax Return Now

Why wait until January? Think of all that energy released and available for other things.

Do your tax return now.  Go see your accountant or I will motivate you. Click ‘Yes’ for a free 15 minute motivational call.

Done your figures? Book my practical Plan for Success Session to Double Your Income this year. 

What's Your Question?

Ask a question and I will answer it for you in a blog! Simple.  Email

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