Free 3 Day Challenge

Tying Up Your Tax Year

I know many of you submit your tax return or accounts in April, congratulations.

For those of you who wait until January or like to procrastinate?

I am offering a free 3 day challenge in May.


The idea is to support and motivate you, along with the practicalities to tying up your tax year, simple and powerfully.  Then it is done and you can focus on this year.


“I’d been dreading this (tax return), Jenny made it so easy.  It was like a guardian angel looking over my shoulder.”

Complementary Therapist

Jenny Bracelin

Hi, I’m Jenny,

I believe finance is a skill you can learn simply and easily. 

I bring together:

To enable you to take control of your business and finances.  And yes, even tie up your tax year, simply and powerfully.


“This lady is a magical genius” Claire Davis, The Midlife Mentor

Who is this challenge for?


⋅   Self-Employed People & Small Businesses ⋅  

Whether you submit your own tax return or send the information to your accountant.

This Challenge is for you.


Benefits of this challenge?

You will have the opportunity to:

✔  Get your books done.

✔  Review the year – making or saving 100’s or 1000’s of pounds.

✔  Actually submit it to the Tax Office or send it to your accountant.

✔   Support, motivation and expertise to keep you on track.

You won’t have to:

Procrastinate for months

X  Make the same mistakes every year

X  Have a last minute panic

X  Do it all on your own

Tying Up Your Tax Year Includes:

~ 3 emails with short videos, to motivate, support, and guide you to tie up your tax year, simply and powerfully.

Day 1: Book-keeping

Day 2: Reviewing the year

Day 3: Submitting your information

Honestly, you will feel so much better!

~ The info is fresh in your mind
~ Spot opportunities to make more money
~ You will know your tax bill 8 months in advance
~ Oh, the relief is joyous

How It Works?

Tying up the tax year


  1. Sign up for the 3 day challenge via the form below
  2. Receive an email with a short video each day
  3. Watch the video and follow the instructions
  4. Feel good about yourself
  5. That’s it

I do this with my clients individually, and thought offering it as a 3 day challenge might help a few people, and avoid the panic in January.

All the best, Jenny



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