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Please see below a range of free resources which can help you make more money in your business.

Jenny's guide to financial wisdom

Financial Wisdom

My guide to financial wisdom sums up 30 years of experience in 3 simple steps.  The secret is to do something from each step.  Most people only focus on one.

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Get Paid

Watch these three tiny videos for quick, simple and easy methods to get paid. 

Learn how to ask for money – in advance, on the day and when you HAVE to give credit. Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

All the best, Jenny


The world is changing again Kubler-Ross Change Curve

Blog Posts

I like to blog about how you can make more money.  Please visit my blogs page to read more about money and business, for example:


Please visit my Blogs Page for more inspiration and practical tips.



It's not rocket science


Video Interview

Stuart Webb from The Complete Approach asked me 5 questions in this friendly and informative 15 minute video.  It covers making money during the pandemic. (Feb 2021)

The Midlife Mentors Podcast


Podcast Interview

Treat yourself to a fun and fabulous free podcast.  I was delighted to provide money stories, ideas and tips for “transforming our often tricky relationship with money” Claire Davis from and

Jenny Bracelin from I Explain Money

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