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Get Paid Easily

Watch these three tiny videos for quick, simple and easy methods to get paid. 

Learn how to ask for money, in advance, on the day and when you HAVE to give credit. Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

All the best, Jenny

Make Friends with Your Money

Do you want a breakthrough with your money? 

Answer my 5 questions and improve yours right now.  We all have a relationship with money, whether it is positive or negative!

This is a quick way to understand yours, giving you insight and motivation.

Click on the button below ‘Five Quick Money Questions’ to see them now. (no email required)

Do Your Tax Return Now

Why wait until the end January? April is the ideal time for Tax Returns, when the info is fresh. (You can still wait until January to pay.)

Think of all that energy released and available for other activities!

Please do your tax return now.  Click ‘Yes’ below for a free 15 minute motivational call.

Done your figures? Book my practical Plan for Success Session to Double Your Income this year. 

Jenny Bracelin

What's Your Question?

Ask a question and I will answer it for you in a blog! Simple.  Email

Money Talks Podcast

Treat yourself to a fun and fabulous free podcast.  I was delighted to provide money stories, ideas and tips for “transforming our often tricky relationship with money” Claire Davis themidlifementors

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