Exponential Growth 

Technically, it is quite easy to grow a business – the hard part is persuading you!


Here are 3 suggestions to achieve exponential growth:


  1. Look at where you earn the most money and put your efforts there.
  2. Create a compelling goal to get you motivated.
  3. Get out of your own way (i.e. stop spending your time and money on things that don’t work very well)

Exponential Growth Case Study  

    Siobhan “Can I get a mortgage with my business?”


    Our Initial Conversation

    Siobhan’s income was like a roller coaster – up and down, with no idea what was going to happen next month. 

    It was stressful and unpredictable.

    To be eligible for a mortgage, Siobhan would need to double her income within 3 months, and keep it consistent, for another year!


    Analysis of her books and business 

    Siobhan was spending half her time creating new products, which only contributed 10% of her income.

    She brushed off her key income generating work, as time consuming – it took her away from product creation, her long term goal.

    However, when she focused her creativity on her key income generating work – it doubled in just a few weeks, and is holding steady.  



    By creating a cherished goal, focusing on her key income, and getting out of her own way, Siobhan’s business has become exponential – with a waiting list! 

    Where could you get out of your own way?

    All the very best,



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