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Heartfelt hands-on expertise to grow your business, your money and yourself.
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Where is the money hiding in your business?



1.  Earn your living?

2. Feel more confident?

3. Run your business properly?

4. Feel proud of your finances?

5. Buy your own home?

 Business Mentoring can help you all of these and any other dreams you have.


Jenny Bracelin in a garden


You don’t have to struggle on your own. Making money is a skill you can learn. Whether you are looking for practical skills or money confidence?  I can help. 

I started Business Mentoring in 2001 with The Prince’s Trust and have helped over 1000 people create and run successful businesses from nothing.  I help you focus on the actions which make the most difference, improve your business confidence and make more money.


My Business Mentoring is...


  1. Making you more money
  2. Giving you tried and tested shortcuts
  3. Spotting opportunities in your business
  4. Explaining business techniques simply and clearly
  5. Helping you overcome fear and trust yourself
  6. Asking questions to help you think
  7. Re-igniting your passion and motivation
  8. Keeping it simple and cheering you on.

What are you looking for?


  • To make more money?
  • A sounding board for your ideas?
  • Expertise to save you time and money?
  • To grow your business quicker and easier?
  • Learn business finances?
  • Accountability, support and encouragement?
  • To get organised and manage your time?
  • To achieve your goals and reach your full potential? 

Choose from the following Services



1.  Book and pay for your 2 hour session.
2. Receive your Zoom link by email.
3. During the session, I guide you how to make more money and answer your questions.
4. Afterwards I send a short summary report.
5. You take any agreed actions.
6. Book the next session when you are ready.

There is no binding contract with my Business Mentoring. 
Clients come back because it works for them.


Get excited about making money

A Mentoring Conversation Involves:

  • Whatever you want with your business – I always have a plan ready, in case you are not sure what you need.
  • Specific practical hands-on help, answering technical questions and an opportunity to think things through.
  • An action plan.


Testimonial for Jenny Bracelin



Start with one. 

In one session, you will get results.   

Clients book monthly appointments when they want to turbo charge their business and they have seen the results of working with me for themselves.



  • A client might book one session to make more money.  During the session, we identify the key action which will make the most difference, plus a host of business tips and tricks.
  • Then they come back for the next thing they want to upgrade.
  • I might see clients once to boost their financial confidence or monthly for a growth spurt.  

I see a person and their business as a holistic system – it is usually obvious to me which areas need to be transformed. I am used to finding solutions quickly – if I could take longer, I would make more money – but then I wouldn’t be me. 

My priorities with a client are: health, wealth and happiness.

BUSINESS MENTORING: £150 for a 2 hour session 

Jenny Bracelin


I love my work.  I am a fully qualified coach, mentor, adviser and healer with 20 year’s experience.  I started my first business aged 22 and became an award winning entrepreneur.  I tried retiring aged 30, then went to work for The Prince’s Trust – a charity helping young people start businesses.

I Explain Money is my 5th successful business.  My passions are personal growth, nature, dancing salsa and transforming people’s attitude to money.

Member of the Association of Coaching and fully insured.

Health, Wealth and Happiness

An example of Business Mentoring with a client wanting to start a business.


D booked a business mentoring session to fast track starting a cafe, as he thought he needed a £20,000 loan to get set up.

It turns out, he didn’t want to start a cafe but to GO to one where he could order his coffee in sign-language.

He had hearing loss and missed a lot of school, so not keen on paperwork.  I answered his many questions and he slumped further down in his chair, looking more and more miserable.

With his permission, I asked transformation coaching questions and we did some idea creation work.

His hobby was fixing bugs in computer games and he got paid for it occasionally but now he wanted a ‘proper’ career.  After some discussion, his face beamed with happiness, as he realised “I can do that as a business, what about the Tax Office?” I helped him with that and sketched out a business plan.

In 2 hours, he became a very happy person – his new business predicted a profit of £40,000 in the first year!

Ideal For

For example: Coaches, Consultants and Complementary Therapists.

Independent Business Owners
For example: Artists, Photographers and Musicians.

Dreamers who are ready to turn that dream into a reality.
For example: Digital Nomads, Yoga Teachers and Parents. 

“The best investment I ever made in my business”

Testimonial from Brenda Alas Delgado, Yoga and Meditation Teacher


Make more money.

Gain self belief and confidence in your ability during this confidential session.

Focus on the actions which make the most difference.   

Understand business and yourself better with lots of ‘ah ha’ moments.

‘Hands on’ help to motivate and enable you to take action and make progress.

A fresh enthusiastic and experienced perspective on your business.

Tailored specifically for you – I mix and match mentoring, coaching, business advice and personal development, according to your needs, at no extra cost.

Includes a one page summary report with an action plan to keep you focused.

Grow quicker and with more ease, by talking to a real human being that actually cares about you and your business. 



Book your business mentoring session here.

You can also call, email or book a free Let’s Chat call here.

Appointments are by Zoom. Other video options available, along with phone and occasionally in person.

How many sessions?  You can book 1, 4 or 12 sessions. I suggest you start with one.

How much does is cost? Each session is 2 hours at an investment of £150.

Are you qualified? Yes and insured.  I was employed as a business adviser by The Prince’s Trust in 2001 after becoming one of their award winning businesses. See my About Page or  LinkedIn for the highlights.

What if you can’t help me? This has worked for over 1000 clients.  If it doesn’t work for you, I will give you your money back. 

Book your Business Mentoring Session here or use my online diary below. 

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