Business Finances Checklist

Business finances are more varied and exciting that people realise.  If you can tick each box?  You will have a thriving business and any money worries will have evaporated.

Please start with one question so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Traditional business finance questions with solutions
I get paid promptly

No one likes asking for money!  I think it is much easier to get it out of the way first.  Here is a free video to talk you through it.


My book-keeping is updated monthly

On the FIRST of the MONTH, every month.  Boring? Maybe. Essential? Definitely.  How can you stop worrying about money if you don’t know where you are? I won’t finish work on the first of the month – Money Day – until I have done my books.  Then I often treat myself to a take-away as a reward, yum. 

The good news is there is no perfect system.  Just start where you are.  I have a 15 min ‘how to’ book-keeping video – it is very simple and easy.  Message me if you would like it.

I have enough clients

Often people tell me they have a financial problem when they don’t have enough clients!

This is the time to embrace marketing and taking care of your clients you do have.  Who are they and why do they come to you is the best place to start.

If you don’t have enough clients – message me about a business mentoring session.

For more specific marketing expertise – I recommend Chloe Morris from Pink Flamingo Marketing

I earn my living & save 10%

The main reason to have a business is to make money so you don’t need a job.  To be in control of your life and make a difference doing something you are passionate about.

Questions to consider here are: How much do I need to live? Does my business provide that?  What’s the gap?  How do I fill it?

Saving 10% is my default – once you have mastered that, there is a world of savings to explore.

These questions turbo charge your business finances
I am positive about my money

Whatever you focus on you get more of! More debts or more savings? Income or spending?

Here is image to remind you to focus on the positive – the food you have for dinner, your warm bed and the wonderful clients who pay you for your services.  Yes gratitude works when done sincerely.

Be Positive about your money

I have healed my past money issues

Notice the word ALWAYS in your life. I always have difficult clients.  I always mess up my tax return.  You are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy here. Move to ‘my clients are getting easier and I improve my tax return every year’.

I specialise in healing and re-framing past issues with money.  If you are repeating patterns and underselling yourself?  Don’t step round them your whole life, it can be resolved in one conversation. 


I have money goals and a plan to reach them

Let’s keep this simple.  I know people love a vision board, however…

Create a money goal this week.  One you think is realisitic, then jot down a few actions to help you achieve it. 

I love a deadline – I get so much work done in the previous 24 hours!!  Yes, people do hire me to hold them accountable.

I am taking action

Often we are in denial or in action on things that aren’t really important to us.

The joy of progressing a cherished goal through action is magical.

My suggestion is do a little every day, spend a whole day and blitz it.  If neither of those work please ask for help – from a friend or professional.  You are encountering resistance which is normal and part of achieving dreams. 

I can help you with all of the above.  Be compassionate with yourself as it will likely take a few months. To turbocharge your progress book a Let’s Chat call and I can help you achieve your thriving business.

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