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Don’t Spend £10K on an Online Course

Don't Spend £10K on an Online Course There, I have said it.   I have been watching this modern gold rush for the last 2 years.  Everyone wants to be the one selling spades, to people prospecting for gold or trying to live their dreams.   The result is relentless...

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Go For It and Stop Sitting Awkwardly on a Fence!

  Are you sitting awkwardly on a fence?   I have had a few clients call me today.  They have made the changes, created a goal and are getting out of the situation they were in. But...   They are just sitting awkwardly on fence, thinking "am I brave enough to really go...

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Money Magic Talk

Money Magic Talk How to grow your own money tree in a simple, positive and motivational way.   Discover The Essentials of Money.   What do you think about money? Where to focus your time and effort. How to motivate yourself to take action.   You can learn to enjoy...

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Best. Month. Ever

Best. Month. Ever Not 1 but 2 clients smashed throught their own personal glass ceiling this month. How did they do it?   One needed weekly "you can do it" motivational video chats. The other? 1 expert tweak, that was it. Don't give up on your goals, get my business...

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What I actually did for GDPR (if you’re stuck?)

What I actually did for GDPR (if you're stuck?)   It's not scary, just tedious!!   (The law is untested and I am not a lawyer) Here is what I did personally with useful direct links, as part of my valuable, no nonsense solutions.     My Personal Guide for GDPR   The...

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Results of My April Workshops.

Result of my April Workshops   I campaigned in April to persuade people to submit their tax return early.  To support them, I offered three workshops; Easy Book-keeping, Simple Tax Returns and Plan for Success. Many people put their fingers in their ears and sang...

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