Are you ready to make more money in your business?

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Jenny Bracelin from I Explain Money

Are you ready to:

  1. Earn your living
  2. Feel more confident
  3. Run your business properly
  4. Feel proud of your finances
  5. Buy your dream home

It can be frustrating when hard work doesn’t give you the freedom you crave. 
You spend all week on your business, but it’s not paying you back with the freedom and wealth you hoped for.

 If you have paying clients, your business can be everything you dreamed of.

Jenny Bracelin helping you make more money


I’m Jenny

I’ve helped over 1000 people run successful businesses. 
It’s time to let go of the stress, worry, and self-sabotage. Reap the benefits of being self-employed.
Is it belief, motivation or practical information you’re looking for? 
Tell me your desired end result and I’ll show you how. (Or tell you it’s not possible – yes, I’m always honest!) 
As a business mentor, I bring experience, expertise and proven techniques. No more wondering… “Does this apply to me?”.  My advice is bespoke, practical, and simple to put into practice. 

Money coaching helps you find a positive relationship to your business finances.  And I explain them as many times as you need (with love).  Whether you’re struggling with a bit too much spending, or you won’t let yourself enjoy your well-earned money, I can help.


Having run 5 successful businesses over 30 years,  I’ll give you a guarantee: If I can’t help you, I’ll give you your money back. Jenny

How Can I Help You?

Business Mentoring

Heartfelt hands-on expertise to grow your business and give you freedom.


A Year's Support

Transform your business, with all my best tools. It’s time to really thrive!

Money Coaching

A powerful, once only, breakthrough session to reset your core money belief.

Plan for Success Spreadsheet to help you with your Financial Check In

A Year’s Support

Transform your business, with all my best tools. It’s time to really thrive!

A Year’s Support includes:

🌳 90 mins of 121 strategy, support & practical help every month

🌳 A Monthly Financial Check In to help you do this

😍 And Money Coaching to give you money confidence. (worth £350)

😍 Coaching, mentoring and practical hands-on help, with all aspects of your business.

12 sessions @£150 a month, payable monthly.

🌳 How will your business look in a year?🌳


“The difference just one session has made to how I feel about money, has been phenomenal. I have recouped what I spent 10 times over. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Kerry Ribchester, Dance Teacher & Hellerworker

“Jenny has taught me how to make money. My profit margin increased from 18% to 80%. I now understand what a profit margin is!”

Jill Newman, Massage Therapist

FYI you are the ONLY business mentor I have worked with, who has actually told me exactly what needs to be done AND HOW to do it.

Rachel Kili MSc, Shropshire


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Self-employed Holidays

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Can I Have a Pay Rise? Yes!

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Can’t see the wood for the trees?

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