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Jenny Bracelin from I Explain Money

To fulfil your potential?

  1. Earn your living
  2. Feel more confident
  3. Run your business properly
  4. Feel proud of your finances
  5. Buy your dream home

I know you work hard and may not have the freedom you craved yet.

With insight and expertise, your business could be everything you dreamed of.

Jenny Bracelin helping you make more money


I’m Jenny

I have helped over 1000 people, create and run successful businesses.  Often with no experience or money.   I guide you through the business part of your business.  Using money coaching to uncover what’s stopping you and provide practical solutions in a motivational way.

I have 30 years in business, with 5 different businesses.
20 years as a qualified business mentor, money coach and spiritual healer.

I can help you (or I’ll give you your money back). 

My aim, is every business is profitable and enjoyable.

How Can I Help You?

Business Mentoring

Heartfelt hands-on expertise to grow your business and give you freedom.


Financial Check In

Make more money by learning, improving & enjoying business finances!

Money Transformation

A powerful, once only, breakthrough session to reset your core money belief.

Financial Power Hour

Find the hidden money in your business with my Financial Power Hour.

  1. Discover your potential
  2. Make more money
  3. Leave inspired and motivated to embrace your business finances.

I see you and your business holistically, and often one key insight and action, improves everything. 

Financial Power Hour investment is £99.  Book here



“The difference just one session has made to how I feel about money, has been phenomenal. I have recouped what I spent 10 times over. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Kerry Ribchester,

“Jenny has taught me how to make money. My profit margin increased from 18% to 80%. I now understand what a profit margin is!”

Jill Newman, Massage Therapist

"Jenny’s one session money coaching is phenomenal. She listens and quickly gets to the crux of your core money beliefs, this opens up a discussion that is life changing.

Hannah, Financial Services Marketing Specialist


Exponential Growth
Exponential Growth

Exponential Growth Technically, it is quite easy to grow a business - the hard part is persuading you!   Here are 3 suggestions to achieve exponential growth:   Look at where you earn the most money and put your efforts there. Create a compelling goal to get you...

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The Budget from a Positive Perspective
The Budget from a Positive Perspective

The UK Budget in March 2021 from a Positive Perspective!   Apart from the obvious lack of financial support for the NHS and key workers.  This Budget is the best I have seen for business in years.   Firstly, all current business support has been extended,...

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Are you a dreamer or a planner?
Are you a dreamer or a planner?

I spend a considerable amount of time persuading dreamers to plan and planners to dream.   Even building this tiny, beautiful caravan took both a dream and a plan, so I thought I would explain a little more here.   Dreamers: have lots of big dreams are...

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