Free Webinar – How to Make More Money


Would you like to make more money in a simple, positive and practical way?

Whether you are starting, growing or reshaping your business, I demonstrate how business planning concepts can support and inspire you.


During the hour, I will explain 3 simple ways for you to make more money in your business right now.


You will learn:


  1. To save time and reduce costs.
  2. Understand 3 financial concepts to make you more money.
  3. Feel more confident about getting paid.


I’m Jenny Bracelin, a qualified business mentor, coach and healer with 20 years experience.  I have helped over 1000 people create a variety of successful businesses, with and without business plans.


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During this webinar, I will be demonstrating some exercises which I use within my business mentoring service.  You can find out more about business mentoring here.


All the best

Jenny xx


Jenny Bracelin at Montgomery Castle

Jenny Bracelin is a qualified, skilled and experienced money coach and business mentor.

Passionate about transforming people’s relationship to money and motivating them to make more.

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