I Explain Money, So You Make More, Simply and Positively.



Hi, I’m Jenny, a Business Mentor with a focus on money and 20 years experience. 


  • Are you looking for simple, positive and practical help to transform your business and fulfil your potential?
  • Do you want to start a business?
  • Or would you like to make more money with the business you have? 

Book yourself a free 15-min Let’s Chat conversation here to find out how I can help you make more money.


My Current Offer is a Free Webinar on 8th June ‘How to Make More Money’ – Please Book Here



“Thank you for your magic, wisdom and for believing in me. I recouped what I spent ten times over.”
Kerry Ribchester, Dance Teacher & Director of Key2Cuba



Book Your Free 15 mins Let's Chat Conversation HereContact Jenny

My Current Offer:

A few short videos to get you thinking differently about money.

Work With Me

 My Mission is to get people excited about making money, joyfully and ethically.

All my services come with a money back guarantee because I am experienced, qualified and ethical.

Business Mentoring

I have helped 1000’s of clients, make more money in their business.

I am positive, encouraging and creative.  Finding you fast and effective solutions, without using jargon – unless you want it!

I look at where you are, what’s important to you, and focus on what will make the most difference right now.

Services include:

How to make more money
Talk things through confidentially
Explaining Business Finances
Marketing to suit your personality
Business, website and social media feedback.
Starting up and Business Planning

Turbocharge your business today. 

Money Coaching

You can make peace with your money and take it to the next level.

What did you learn growing up about money?  Maybe there is one nagging doubt?

Successfully negotiate pay increases. Stop underselling yourself! Grow and get paid in your business. Benefit from money advice and tips.

You can enjoy or at least be confident with your money. Book my simple and focused session today.

Most people say this ONE session is the turning point for them and their money.  

What People Are Saying

The difference just one session has made to how I feel about money, and the new money coming into my business has been phenomenal.

Thank You for all your patience and skill.

I have recouped what I spent 10 times over.


Kerry Ribchester

Director, Key2Cuba.com

“Jenny’s one session money coaching is phenomenal. She listens and quickly gets to the crux of your core money beliefs, this opens up a discussion that is life changing.

Things then click into place and the self-imposed barriers become obvious and together you create an action plan to eliminate them.

Jenny gave me an insight and clarity that has left me feeling positive and empowered about the future.”


Financial Services Marketing Specialist

“Jenny has taught me how to make money.

She helped me increase my income from £500 a month to £2500 a month.

My profit margin increased from 18% to 80%.

I now understand what a profit margin is!”

Jill Newman

Full Time Massage Therapist

“a world of change, deep and incisive” Money Coaching Client

“Thanks so much for your help so far!!! I have been making progress, some deliberate, some automatic. ” Money Coaching Client

“Jenny has a wealth of knowledge”
Business Mentoring Client

Half My Clients are Male

Anonymity Assured

“Much appreciated Jenny, good job done for me! 

I love the powerful simplicity of your method, that nonetheless provided a rich encounter, that really entered into the depth of the problem.”

Will Medd

Professional Certified Coach, http://www.willmedd.com/

“Money worries vanished” (One Month on from Money Retreat)

“The day exceeded expectations,

I felt guided and supported in a deep way that enabled me to let go of my money worries,

feel freedom from the power of money and embrace a new path towards my business and money goals.


Money Retreat Participant


Client Testimonial from One Business Mentoring Session 


“This was SUPER helpful, thank you!! I gained a sale straight off the call” 

“Working with Jenny is so refreshing. I love her strategic approach, which is both understanding and aligned with my overall vision of growing a business that gives me freedom, not only the financials.

Mentoring gave me time to address areas of my business, guided by Jenny’s wealth of knowledge, experience and tactical planning. I particularly enjoyed the insight that came back from my ‘Plan For Success’, which I now look forward to progressing and improving in future sessions.

One of my main points that came from the session was following up with potential clients, and sure enough, I gained a sale straight off the call when following up with a client!

I can’t wait to see how my business develops under Jenny’s mentoring assistance.”

Chloe Morris Pink Flamingo Marketing

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