Money Coaching £90

If your attitude to money is more negative than positive?  Then this is the session for you.

“Your ability to get to the nitty gritty of a person is amazing . You have pointed things out to me that I was totally oblivious to!!!”
Airbnb Host

My Method

  • I ask you 5 short questions
  • We focus on the key issue.
  • I use transformational coaching – which considers the body, mind and the emotions.
  • Then we create a new belief.
  • For coaching, is it quick and easy.

Ideal For

Anyone who is interested in improving their attitude to money.

If your attitude to money is more negative than positive.

If you are stuck or the same thing keeps happening.




Changes your attitude to money, which usually attracts more money.

Gives you insights into why.  Leaving you  free to make different choices afterwards.

A quick and easy intervention with money.

Motivates you into action. I recommend you give yourself some time afterwards.  To reflect or get into action.

Whilst your relationship with money is a lifelong journey. 90% of people find this session enough.

Occasionally, I offer more practical sessions to people at a reduced rate. Or recommend books to read.



Will I be a millionaire afterwards? Probably not. Getting better with money, like any skill, improves with practice.

I ensure you have a sound foundations to start with.

I don’t feel negative about money? If I find you already have a positive money belief, I won’t change it.  We can still talk about what is stopping you.

Is OK to have the children around?  No, I need your full attention – body, mind and emotions, for at least an hour.

Can I do it again if it doesn’t work? No.  I have repeated once, after 20 years.  There was a significant change in their circumstances, which triggered a new negative money belief.

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