Business Support £45

Book yourself a one to one session. I sort out 90% of business questions in an hour!


“I have put up my prices, stopped working for free and even gain my money up front! Huge progress!!!”
Marketing Consultant

Yes I can help with...

  • Anything to do with money and finance.
  • Overcoming your fears to be successful.
  • Confidence, getting organised, managing your time.
  • Business planning and cashflows
  • Finding customers, selling and legalities.

Ideal For

Practical businesses run by one person.

Starting up or established businesses.

Full time, part time or just have an idea.

Self-employed or a Ltd company, earning less than £40,000 per year.

Over £40K or more complicated?  Go to




I sort out 90% of business questions/problems in an hour!

Totally confidential.

I explain everything, simply and clearly, with examples, until you understand.

Don’t know what you need? I mix and match coaching, mentoring, advice and more.

I give you the solutions you need right now. To make money, be successful and stay healthy.

All personalised to you, your business and your current situation.

Plus a one page summary report. Analysing your situation, what we discussed and your action plan.  So you won’t forget anything important.



Can I ask more than one question? Yes, some clients bring a list!

Can I call/email you for a chat? Sadly no.  Time, experience and my full attention, is my product.

What happens when I buy now? I call you for a 15 minute chat about you and what you want out of the session.

Then we schedule a 45 minute appointment. Giving me time to research and be fully prepared for you.

After the session I send you your report with your action plan.

Are you qualified? Yes and insured. With 15 year’s experience as a Business Adviser and Coach. See LinkedIn for the highlights.


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