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Tax Return Motivation

  Tax Return Motivation A tax return is just an online form. Like most government forms, it is full of lots of negative words like "warning, never and don't"! Most of the time, if you read the information icon, next to the question, it won't apply.   For a simple...

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What I Do at Irresistible Prices

  I explain money via videos and 121 sessions, to practical people in business.   Whether you are a complementary therapist or a labourer?   I provide a confidence boost, motivation and all the business information and facts you could possibly want. I even record the...

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Why Are People Weird About Book-Keeping?

  Why are people weird about book-keeping?   I have always thought people avoided their book-keeping, because they didn't want to know the answer - because things weren't going  well -  at least in my opinion as a Money Coach. But I have been helping a client with her...

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Structure What You Really Want

  Structure what you really want. What I mean by that is, well let's face it. Very few people actually write business plans and even less people look at them, once they have written them! Most people reflect on the life and business at this time of year. What worked?...

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Enjoy Your Winter Break

Work, Rest and Play to quote a well-known chocolate slogan. You have done the work, now is the time to rest and play. Enjoy your winter break. All the best, Jenny

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Help! I am so busy.

  Help! I am so busy. It is that time of year. When we often try and take on, a little too much!  We get to the stage, where we can't think and are making mistakes.  Or we just have to sit down and stop. My Top Tip: is to write everything down.  Giving you space to...

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