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Manual Book-keeping Course

Learn how to do your books today, in 15 minutes.  My short, simple, easy video course, will take you through it, step by step. If your list of customers this month, would fit on one piece of paper, this is the course for you. Ideal if you are starting a  business and not sure which system to choose. No software, no jargon, no computer needed. Only £25, no monthly costs.

Business Support

Book my 1 hour business support session, for useful and valuable no nonsense support.  To ensure, you start and run your business well. Enjoy it and make money.  I have supported practical one person businesses for over 15 years.  If I can't help, I will give you a refund!

Money Coaching

If nothing is working with your money and you don't know why? This is the session for you. It answers the questions - why do I have a problem with money?  Where did that come from and what can I do about it? I ask you 5 short questions.  Then we create a new belief together, relevant to your life now.   It provides relief, answers and usually more money.  Most clients say it is the turning point for them and their money.

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How to Get Paid in Advance

Welcome to How to Get Paid in Advance - click on the blog to watch the video for the tone. Now you might have your own methods of payment and if they work do stick to them, as it's your business and you know what is best. But what I have found over the years is...

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Don’t forget to Be your boss!

Bosses set targets. How to set a simple money goal you can actually achieve. In our house, if we achieve our money goals, plus a little extra, then we get a take-away. Otherwise we have to cook.   Take aways might not be your reward?  Giving yourself free or low...

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2. How to Be Your Own Business Adviser – The Money.

  2. How to Be Your Own Business Adviser - The Money Who Are Your Best Customers? It seems like an obvious question and often people tell me. But when I look at their figures, I find the answer is something different to what they thought!   Quite...

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Tax Credits Reminder

Don't have children? You can still claim Working Tax Credits of up to £230 a month, if your household income is less than £16,100. A useful top up when you start your business.   The Tax Credit Office don't cope well with the ups and downs of self-employment....

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Where Does All My Money Go?

Where Does All My Money Go? Ever wondered why, no matter how much you earn, there never seems to be enough for you?   Well I am going to explain that today. It's funny, once we set up a standing order or a direct debt, or even claim benefits, we kind of forget...

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What to do at the End of the Month?

What to do at the end of the month?   People spend hours worrying about money. It really isn't necessary. The first thing to do is to get reality, which I know can be difficult but essential. To find out what is actually happening.  Here is a simple way. 1. Add...

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